1. What Kosher supervision are you under?

Our products are under the OU and the VAAD Hakashrus of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway.

2. When can I expect my order to be processed and shipped?

Orders placed by 2:00 PM EST typically will ship out on the same day. Orders placed after 4PM will be processed and shipped out next day.  

3. What is your return policy?

Due to Kosher and Health Department regulations returns are not allowed. However, if you have any issues with your product please contact our team at 516-247-1915.

4. Is your product gluten free?

Our products are not certified gluten free. The following flavors have gluten added in the form of soy or teriyaki:

  • - Korean BBQ
  • -Teriyaki

All our other varieties, while we cannot guarantee they are gluten free, we do not add gluten to the finished product.

5. How many pieces of jerky come in a 1/4lb order?

Holy jerky is hand cut 100% natural so no two pieces are alike. Our product is sold by weight and not by pieces.

6. Do I need to refrigerate my product? How long will it last?

Our whole muscle jerky and charcuteries are shelf stable and normally do not require refrigeration. It can stay fresh for up to several months. Our sticks and strips do need to be refrigerated and will last up to one month.

7. Are there nuts and/or sesame oil in your product?

Our Korean BBQ jerky does contain sesame oil. None of our products contain nuts, however, we are not a certified free nut facility.

8. I’m a non-for-profit/or have a resale certificate, can I be tax exempt?

Yes, please call our team at 516-247-1915 prior to placing your order to provide your tax exempt certification and you will receive a one-time code to use for your purchase.

Have another burning question that we didn't answer above?

Please reach out and ask us! You can use the form below, or call our team at 516-247-1915. Thank you!