30 Of The Best Gifts For Hikers and Campers

Best Gifts for Hikers and Campers - Holy Jerky's Gift Guide

Gifts are gestures of love, and exchanging them with loved ones and friends will never go out of style. The downside, however, is that finding the perfect gift for a loved one or friend can be a brain-racking process. Do you have an avid hiker or camper in your life? Someone who loves backpacking trips, maybe a camping trip or two?

You might want to grab the perfect camping gift, or hiking gift for them on their next birthday or holiday. If that sounds like someone you know, this guide has some unique hiking gift ideas. The sweet catch about these gifts is that they will work for a range of outdoor adventures from backpacking trips, camping trips, even hikes in the great outdoors.


30 thoughtful gifts for Hikers and Campers

You can never go wrong with the following gift ideas. There is a wide range of products on this list of gifts, to fit a wide range of budgets. Think of this list as your go-to gift guide for the hikers or campers in your life.


1. Portable Water Filter

Nothing beats gifting a personal portable water filter to a hiker and camper. You can be reassured your loved one can stay hydrated safely. It comes in handy when they come across bodies of water because they rarely get to move with more than enough drinking water.


2. Fanny Pack

A fanny pack is a great way to carry some small, but essential items. Plus it's lightweight and provides a great campers aesthetic. If we're being honest, it's always nice to look the part for your favorite activities. You can definitely consider picking up a fanny pack as the perfect gift.


3. Rechargeable Headlamp

Nothing beats a rechargeable headlamp for a camper and hiker. It comes in handy at all times. Gifting your loved one a rechargeable headlamp speaks volumes of love. It does not matter if they have one currently; the more, the safer. You can take a step higher and add batteries alongside.


4. Quality Wireless Earbuds

Gift quality wireless earbuds and hear them sing your praises all year round. You get to help them ditch the stress of stringing along speakers. Speakers can be tiring to move around. After all, hiking and camping go hand in hand with Music. 


5. Chipotle and Honey Jerky 

Chipotle Honey Jerky is the Perfect Gift

One of the most thoughtful gifts ever. Gifting your camping loved one a subscription to Chipotle and Honey jerky packages screams love and affection. They get to snack on a healthy protein snack while enjoying the outdoors.


6. Solar-powered Lantern

Solar-powered lanterns are ideal gifts for hikers and campers. They get to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the lack of electricity. Solar-powered lanterns usually come with accompanying power banks. An absolute snag!


7. Comfortable Compressible Pillow

Although some sleeping bags have extra cushioning where you rest your head nothing beats a comfortable pillow. You can gift your loved ones a comfortable compressible pillow for better outdoor sleep. We recommend a compressible pillow, which will be easy to pack and carry for the trip.


8. Waterproof Folding Stool

The waterproof folding stool serves multiple purposes when used outdoors. The spaces at the back and sides serve as holders for bottles, cups, and even napkins. The folding chair makes relaxation comfortable—a suitable gift since it can be easily transported.


9. Portable Mini First Aid Kit

Unavoidable injuries may occur during outdoor activities, especially hikes. Therefore, a portable mini first aid kit will come in handy during such moments. The mini first aid kit should contain just the necessities. As a gift, it shows thoughtfulness and care.


10. Smoked Pastrami Strips

Holy Jerky's Portable Pastrami Strips

The durability and nutrition level makes the smoked Pastrami strips a thoughtful gift. Your friend or loved one gets to enjoy the strips regardless of the length of the outdoor stay. They can pair the Smoked pastrami strips with beer, potato salad, and even apples.


11. Insect Repellant Lotion

There is no hiking and camping without insects. Hence, there is a constant need for insect-repellant lotion. Hikers and campers often forget to get one for themselves—therefore, it is a perfect budget-friendly gift idea. 


12. Inflatable Air Sofa Hammock

An inflatable air sofa hammock is a valuable gift for campers and hikers. They get to relax and enjoy the fresh air when outdoors. The catch is the inflatable and portable nature of the hammock.


13. Portable Roaster

Enhance the camping experience of your loved ones by gifting them a roaster. A portable roaster can roast Smores and marshmallows, as well as warm Graham crackers and even chocolates. Furthermore, they can use it indoors. 


14. Puffy Blankets

Selecting the perfect blankets for the best outdoor experience is a bit stressful. However, you can make life easier for your loved ones by gifting them a puffy blanket. You can even customize it with a drawing of the favorite camping site of your loved one. This will remind them of you whenever they use it.


15. Insulated Water Bottle and Food Jar

Nothing compares to enjoying your favorite summit while hiking with a nice cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Any hiker will appreciate having an insulated vacuum bottle to bring along with them, especially in the winter or on cool morning treks. Insulated bottles and food jars are lightweight and can keep beverages and food at the desired temperature for up to 8 hours. They make the perfect gifts for hikers and campers. 


16. A Compass

A compass is a unique and antique gift. Regardless of the modern age and time, it can come in handy. A compass is often portable and self-functional. A hiker can never go wrong with a compass. Or even better said, a hiker can never get lost (or at least not lost for long) with a trusty compass.


17. A Phone Tripod

There is no hiking or camping without pictures and videos. That is the best way to register breathtaking views and document memories. A phone tripod will go a long way in making capturing those awe - inspiring moments simpler. Hence, a phone tripod is one of the best gifts for hikers and campers. This way, no one needs to be left out of the shot.


18. Whistle

Whistles are considered part of a survival kit. So you can gift your loved ones a whistle during their outdoor experience. It will be helpful during emergencies. Or provide an easy for different members of a group to find each other if they happen to separate.


19. Maps and Passes

You can surprise your loved ones with the map and pass off their favorite hiking and camping site. This will save them the stress of looking for new locations. Sometimes returning to the same place makes things go a little more smoothly, but nothing beats the sense of adventure a new location brings.


20. Customized Outdoor T-shirt and Mug

You can spice things up by getting your loved ones a customized T-shirt and mug. You can write or print their favorite outdoor quotes or pictures. It is a very thoughtful gift.


21. Sunglasses

A hiker’s sunglasses is one of the most effective tools in their arsenal. Sunglasses are essential for protecting their eyes from UV radiation, which will improve the hiker’s experience. Rubberized sunglasses are an excellent option since they are lightweight.


22. Rei Gift Cards

The REI Gift Cards offer an ideal outdoor gear purchasing experience and outfit for activities such as climbing, hiking, camping, jogging, skiing, cycling, and more. No hiker would be unhappy to receive an REI gift card for a gift. It remains a fantastic choice because they may have almost every imaginable outdoor equipment.


23. Deuce Of Spades Trowel

The Deuce of Spades Trowel is a superb lightweight alternative and a wonderful present for any conscientious hiker. Nobody wants to bring it up, but burying human waste is a necessary part of being a man or woman of responsibility. Plus, this gift makes for a hilarious but great stocking stuffer.


24. Mini-Satellite Communicator

Over-reliance on mobile phones during hiking or camping is a huge risk because of mobile service fluctuation, hence the need for a satellite communicator. Satellite communicators can mean the difference between a relatively quick rescue and a long-awaited one. These little gadgets offer 2-way satellite communication with your loved ones,  so they can send and receive messages if they are in a  “dead zone”. Therefore, purchasing one for a friend or loved one is a brilliant idea. 


25. Trekking Poles or Hiking Poles

Trekking Poles and Hiking Poles

Trekking poles provide significant stability and comfort during hiking. Many hikers and backpackers adore them for a variety of reasons. Without a doubt, they make excellent presents. 


26. Beef Jerky

Beef jerkies are great portable snacks when hiking. Holy jerky is on top when it comes to beef jerky. They provide alternatives for flavor-infused whole-muscle jerky, the ones that your taste senses would truly love. They are delicious! Your favorite meat-lover friends who are hikers will be grateful for a few packets of tasty jerky or a year-round subscription


27. Gear Aid Tenacious Tape

This simple gift suggestion would delight any outdoor enthusiast, and if you didn’t know, it is quite inexpensive. Hikers may use the tape to repair their favorite gear so they can continue wearing it. Additionally, repairing and reusing gear rather than constantly purchasing new items is more ecologically beneficial. This tape is functional and also comes in several cute forms.


28. Hiking Boots

Salomon's Hiking Boots great for nature lovers

Let's be honest hiking boots make for a great gift idea for your favorite hiker. It's not an only need just in case, or an emergency type of gift. Instead, this one is actually a practical gift for your those who love the great outdoors. The best part about hiking boots, is that you can rest easy knowing your favorite hiker is going to be using them almost every time they go on a hiking trip.


29. Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are essential and can make for great camping gifts. There are so many options out there so it's important to understand where their next outdoor adventure will take them. You can select camping bags based on size, weight, temperature resistance, and more. This is a great gift idea for your outdoor lovers.


30. Darn Tough Socks

Darn Tough Socks Micro Crew Hiking Socks

Yes, socks. Not just any socks, though. No. We're talking about Darn Tough Socks! This Vermont based company offers a range of socks for men, women, and children. Not only do they use quality materials, but also come in a range of unique and playful designs that most hikers will love!



You can dip into your creativity tank and curate a personalized gift box for that friend or family member of yours. Furthermore, include any one of the items mentioned in our list of best gift ideas above to find the perfect gift for your outdoorsy people. The most important thing is to make your hiking and camping buddies, loved ones or even yourself happy.

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