What Are Charcuterie Boards?

What are Charcuterie Boards

If you are a food lover who appreciates quality meals with natural-tasting ingredients, chances are that you will be a huge fan of charcuterie boards. They are a perfect mix of natural ingredients and spices that preserve that exceptional taste like grandma makes it. That’s because charcuterie boards and meals served on boards entail naturally preserved meats on a board. If you go for the platter on every menu, you might have come across a charcuterie board or something that closely replicates it. These deep-flavored meat dishes with healthy sides are a top choice any day and any time.

Are Meat Platter Charcuterie Boards?


A meat platter is not the same as a charcuterie board. While charcuterie boards and meat platters have one thing in common, which is meat on their boards, several things set them apart. The preparation process is different; the presentation, the sides, and the type of meat featured on meat boards do not all find their way into charcuterie boards. So that platter with a ton of meat and maybe some dip and fries might come close and be very tasty. However, keep in mind that charcuterie boards are much more delicious. A large part of this is due to their preservation and preparation processes.

What Makes Up a Charcuterie Board?


The name serves well for its exquisite taste. The term “charcuterie” was derived from 2 French words. “char”, meaning meat and “cuit”, meaning cooked. It is a board that features a selection of meat and pates. They can also feature cheese, bread, and dried fruits to complement the rich flavor of the preserved meat.

Charcuterie boards earned their name from the main ingredient, meat, which originates from a history of meat preservation. It can be considered a French culinary art of preparing and displaying cured meat in a sumptuous, presentable manner on a large board with some complementary sides.


Here Are the Key Ingredients That Make Up A Charcuterie Board


Meat. Different kinds of cured meat make up the key ingredient of every charcuterie board. Without heart, it is impossible to classify a board to be a charcuterie board. The different kinds of meats include:

  • Lamb
  • Bacon
  • Ham
  • Sausages
  • Galantines
  • Pates
  • Ballotines
  • Terrines


Cheese. Charcuterie boards also feature side additions to complement the meat dishes on the board. One of these is cheese. Being more commonly referred to be French cuisine, it is no wonder that cheeses are a vital complement to charcuterie boards.

Dried fruits. Dried fruits with natural preservatives are another essential part of a charcuterie board. One of the most common fruits in a charcuterie board is olives and raisins. They act as side dishes alongside cheese to complement the prepared meat on the boards.

Biscuits. Biscuits are another essential additive to a charcuterie board. Not just any biscuit but cracker-type biscuits are much preferred to go on the charcuterie boards with other sides alongside the main serving, which is the prepared meat. The biscuits are mildly flavored with less sugar content, so they blend well with other items on the charcuterie board.

Dips. Although not all, some charcuterie boards come with side dips. Dips in charcuterie boards have become an increasing addition to the great group. They can go mildly spicy, tangy, fruity, sweet, or saucy.


What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing A Charcuterie?




Charcuterie boards are appetizers and not main courses. A large number of them come spicy and well sauced rather than sweet. The meat used in preparing the charcuterie boards should also be naturally preserved without chemical additives or processing.

We prepare our charcuterie boards carefully at Holy Jerky, using no preservatives or artificial flavors. At the same time, we ensure they are rich in protein and low in fat, carbs, salt, and sugar. That way, you reap the full nutritional benefits and great taste from the perfect mix of all essential ingredients on a charcuterie board.


Meat Preferences


Charcuterie boards also feature different meat kinds, all prepared and arranged in a sumptuous attractive pattern alongside other complimentary additions on the boards. Certain people have particular meat they do not like very much. The preparation process can, however, have them all looking the same.


At Holy Jerky, we understand that preferences and consider that in the preparation process. We have charcuterie boards that feature specific meat types and varied options, making selecting a board based on your preferences easier. The boards also come with each meat type labeled to know what it is before diving right into it. 



Gone are the days when charcuterie boards were only available in bland, casual flavors. With charcuterie bards becoming a lot more mainstream, we now have tasty variations to help you enjoy every item on these boards to maximum capacity and have your taste buds flying wild. Today, your charcuterie boards can come available in a wide range of flavors: salty, spicy, honey, savory, tangy etc. You can get an extra spicy charcuterie board with spicy dip if you wish.

So, your flavor preference will play a key role in choosing your preferred board.

Healthy And Tasty: Holy Jerky Charcuterie Boards


At Holy Jerky, no two charcuterie boards are created the same. Everyone is unique with natural flavors and maximum health-sensitive preparation processes. We do not add artificial sweeteners or preservatives to our charcuterie boards; they check all the boxes discussed earlier. Every item on the board is generally healthy for consumption.




Are charcuterie boards tasty and an excellent appetizer option? Absolutely. With healthy diet options like keto-friendly and gluten-free charcuterie board options. They are perfect for your gatherings, meals, get-togethers, gifts, and ideal meal addition.

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