How to Soften Store-Bought Beef Jerky

How to Soften Store Bought Beef Jerky - Holy Jerky

Beef jerky is a highly nutritious snack, perfect for virtually every event. You could eat beef jerky after a long hike, munch on it while you watch a quick video clip, or make it a part of your lunch break routine. We bet beef jerky can always be handy in whatever you’re doing.

But if you’ve had store-bought beef jerky for a while, you’ll agree that it can sometimes get too dry. So, what do you do to soften store-bought beef jerky? This article answers your beef jerky questions and shows you how to soften beef jerky.

Why Is Beef Jerky So Dry Anyway?

The process.

Beef jerky goes through a dehydration process. This process is crucial to its preservation and ultimately affects its texture and shelf life. 

Properly-dried jerky is usually dry but still a bit flexible. That is, it doesn’t break into bits when you handle it. When you buy beef jerky at the store, it’s already been properly dried, so it’s as tough as it needs to be. But, you’re about to make it even drier when you open it without storing it in an airtight container. This is where the problem comes in. Your beef jerky loses its moisture content and becomes too dry.

So, hard beef jerky is fun to eat because it’s chewy, but when jerky is too hard, it becomes unattractive to eat.

How to Soften Beef Jerky

Store-bought beef jerky can lose its moisture and become excessively tough. The good news is that you can soften tough beef jerky.

Method 1: Heat the beef jerky in the microwave.

You’re probably familiar with microwaving cooked meals to reheat food. But, you can use the same method to rehydrate beef jerky. In fact, this beef jerky softening process takes only about two minutes.

Steps to rehydrate your beef jerky

  1. Get a microwavable plate and place your beef jerky in it.
  2. Then, pour water into another glass and place it in the beef jerky bowl. Alternatively, you can sprinkle a little water on your beef jerky or use a wet towel in place of the glass of water.
  3. Then place the beef jerky with your glass of water in the microwave and turn on the microwave. Leave the microwave on for about a minute to allow your beef jerky to rehydrate and soften.
  4. Take out your beef jerky and consume it as soon as possible so it doesn’t get dry again.


Pro tip: If you decide to use a towel, ensure the towel is completely wet. Otherwise, you risk burning the dry towel.

Method 2: Use sauce to rehydrate.

Another approach to softening beef jerky is to use sauce, whether it is soy sauce, tartar sauce, or Worchester sauce. Apply a generous amount of sauce to the beef jerky. Then, seal it in a plastic bag and leave it to rest for roughly an hour in your refrigerator.

Take it out, get rid of excess moisture, and you’re good to go,

Method 3: Rehydrate the jerky using water.

You can also use broth or water to soften your tough beef jerky. Any liquid can do the job, hot or cold; it makes no difference. 

To rehydrate your beef jerky with water:

Put the beef jerky in a bowl and pour some water (or your preferred liquid) over it. Ensure that the beef jerky is completely submerged in the liquid. Then cover the bowl or seal the container off. Leave the container to sit for fifteen to thirty minutes. How long you allow your beef jerky to sit will depend on how soft you need your jerky to be. So, the softer you want your jerky to be, the longer it has to stay in the liquid.

Once the jerky has the right texture, retrieve it from the container and wipe away any excess moisture.


Pro tip: Place your jerky bowl in the fridge.

Can I Rehydrate Dry Beef Jerky Overnight?

Yes, you can. If you’re preparing your jerky for a picnic the following day, you may brush it with a generous amount of sauce and leave it to sit overnight, preferably at a cool temperature. It’s best to keep it in the fridge.

Which Method Is Best for Softening Beef Jerky?

Each method is unique. But if you want to have your beef jerky softened in three minutes or less, we suggest you use the microwave method.

Beef jerky is tasty and fun to eat. And even when they get too dry, you can soften them and enjoy a delicious snack again. Are you ready to enjoy some chewy beef jerky with your loved ones? We have various flavors available. Order your favorite beef jerky today!

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