10 Backpacking Food Ideas

10 Backpacking Food Ideas

Are you getting ready to do some backpacking? Loaded up with clothes and other essentials? Don’t forget about food. I don’t know about you, but I would definitely want to have something to eat in case I get hungry and there’s nothing around. So, here are some great backpacking food ideas to hold you over.

1. Make Meals Prior To Your Trip

Backpacking doesn’t need to start on the road. In fact, it really does start at home once you make the decision to go. So, while you’re packing up and getting ready you could also cook a few meals at home to take with you. Really anything that won’t go bad or doesn’t need to be refrigerated will do just fine. I like to think of it as a nice way to take a slice of home with you.

2. Granola bars

Sometimes, you’re just in the mood for something simple and delicious. Granola bars are a great way to get the nutrients and fiber you need to keep on keeping on. Plus, they’re delicious. You can opt for one more on the tastier side, or shoot for the bars that are packed with the protein, fiber, nutrients you need. But There’s no reason to be too strict or too wild. Why not pack both?

3. Instant Oatmeal

Yes, something warm and tasty for those cold mornings. Instant oatmeal is extremely light to pack, and easy to carry. Not taking up much room makes for a great backpacking food idea for this list. Just add hot water and you’re ready to chow down. I typically eat oatmeal for breakfast, but you're on the go. Do as you please.

4. Beef Jerky and Other Dried Meats

Of course, we had to mention one of the most delicious and protein packed backpacking food ideas here. Beef jerky is a great way to get your proteins, but also a great choice when you’re in need for some energy. And let’s face it, you’re going to need energy for your travels. Not only, is beef jerky good for you, but it’s easy to take on the go, and you have your pick of flavors like sriracha lime and cherry cola. Now talk about a great taste.

5. Coffee and Tea

The lifeblood of good mornings and good nights. I definitely recommend taking coffee with you. Can you imagine being an avid coffee drinker and having no coffee, none, for days or even weeks? I didn’t think so. One of life's pleasures is so easy and simple to make. Both tea and coffee, just heat up some water and you’re all set.

6. Trail Mix

I think it’s necessary for every backpacking food ideas list to mention trail mix. It’s literally in the name, trail mix is for the trails. Nuts, seeds, chocolate, raisins, and more. Easy to pack, light to carry and a great source of healthy fats and proteins.

7. Ramen Noodles

Another easy backpacking food idea here is Ramen Noodles. Pick your flavor, and throw in some hot water for great, warm meal. If you liked it in college you’ll like it on the go.

8. Water

I haven’t mentioned it as an item to bring yet, but I do think I should. Considering all the things I did mention that you’d need water to enjoy. Yes, definitely bring water. Enough to prepare your meals with and enough to drink. This is probably the most important if you don’t bring anything else.

9. Pop Tarts

A great snack, breakfast, or even lunch. You can’t go wrong with some pop tarts. They taste great warmed up, but if you can’t they’re still good cold.

10. Hot Sauce

Okay, so this one is a personal one. It’s not a necessity unless you’re anything like me. I love hot sauce and I’d put it on just about anything to help it taste better and add a little kick. If you’re going with the list I have here you might want to add hot sauce too. Especially if you’re taking Ramen Noodles with you.

That wraps it up for this list on backpacking food ideas. Although we don’t carry everything on this list we do carry an amazing selection on beef jerky. So, you’re prepping for a backpacking trip or curious enough to try it you can find them here: Whole Muscle Jerkies

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