Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky?

Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky

Is there a furry friend who’s a big part of your family? Do you tend to share your delicious food with him or her? Yeah, I thought so. That’s why we decided to answer this question. Can dogs eat beef jerky? 

I know what you’re thinking. Beef jerky is a protein packed and delicious snack for any time really. But there are some things you should know prior to sharing your beef jerky with your best friend. Although beef jerky is delicious, here are some things you need to know. 

Sure, beef jerky comes in many great tasting flavors, but flavored beef jerky is best to keep for yourself. It’s not a good idea to share your Dr. Pepper Jerky with your dog. Why’s that? Dogs aren’t used to digested foods with excess seasoning, and salt. 

In fact, feeding your dog foods with excess seasonings could be bad for their diet. And additionally toxins can be toxic for your pets. It may not cause any harm if they ate it once or twice, but too much can cause vomiting and other illnesses. I recommend contacting your vet if you’re looking to know more about how excessive seasonings can be harmful for your pets.

Some beef jerky, not all, but some can contain a lot of sugar. Dogs and cats aren’t used to consuming a lot of sugar. And you can see that by looking at their regular diet. So, if your pet starts to put his paws on foods with excessive sugar you could be looking at weight gain problems, and low energy.

Salt is a natural preservative for beef jerky and does wonders for taste. However, when your dog consumes too much salt it could lead to dehydration. A small piece of beef jerky shouldn’t do any harm (contact your veterinarian before sharing with your), but having too much could be bad for your dog.

What if Your Dog Takes Your Beef Jerky?

If your dog gets his or her hands on your beef jerky there isn’t much to worry about, depending on how much they ate. You will be the best judge of this, but if they ate a small piece or too they should be ok. If they ate a little more than that they may experience vomiting. If it’s more than that you should contact your veterinarian. 

Beef Jerky Alternatives

If you’re feeling bad for man's best friend it’s ok, we get it. There are beef jerky alternatives out there for your furry friends. In fact, there are beef jerky snacks out there that were created specifically for your dog. This way, when you’re enjoying your holy jerky snacks, your dog can be enjoying some beef jerky of his own.

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